B.O. as a Supporters-Band from Borussia Mönchengladbach fans is a 4-Men Rock-Band, guitar, bass, drums and Singer!
The sound is a mixture of Hard- und Punk-Rock Tunes (near to Tote Hosen as its best)
The band was foundet in 1995 cause there was no real fan-music around the famous Club Borussia and the fans were pissed off from the clinical and commercial sound in the speakers on the ground!

The FANPROJEKT MG, the major fan organisation in Mönchengladbach gave the finance to support the band in releasing 7 CDs, 4 Maxis and 3 normal CDs with many many songs that interest the fans, that help to support the team
on the ground, that sound great and so songs were born who were unusual in the whole Bundesliga like "Die Elf vom Niederrhein!" or "Es gibt nur eine Borussia!" Songs other supporters of other clubs never would sing, or change
to a song with their own words!

In 2002 the band released the MAXI CD "Dein Verein" which suports the national fan organisation PRO 15:30 to help the fans in their interests against the major tv companies which rule the football market and the kick-of-times!!!
"Reclaim the game" is one of the items the fans want to bring along!
The song "Dein Verein!" means that the fans are always there to support their club even if this club hurts them even more and more, or looses every game!
The sponsors, the major companies, the commercials are not longer interested in these clubs when they go down in divison 2 or 3, but the fans stilll stay behind:
"You'll never walk alone" is a symbol for that!
The song wants to remember all folks to never forget the fans even when the club plays international cups or is in a good position in the league table!



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